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Straw Baskets

The Manor Projects

Hopefully the projects you find here will inspire you to get creative with your spaces. We've all got enough to do something with!

**Under construction



The Prayer Chapel

Follow my attempt to turn a dilapidated playhouse I got FREE off of Craigslist into an inspiring space for my yard. Though it may seem a little crazy to build a prayer chapel in my yard, that's the beauty of YOUR home and YOUR yard. You can create spaces that are important and fitting for YOUR life. (Under Construction)


The Manor Cottage

This little shed turned office was inspired by having all 5 children and both parents working from home. We don't have any extra bedrooms in our 3 bedroom home, so this mini library is quickly becoming a place for both focused work and retreat. (under construction)



Outdoor Parties

They're all the rage these days! Get some ideas for hosting an outdoor get together that creates intimate spaces for people to connect and celebrate life.


The Studio

What began as a brooding shed became too pretty to keep livestock in. Now, were turning it into a studio for silversmithing, writing, drawing, wood working, and whatever else mama decides to try!  Once again, we're using materials we've collected or reused. It's been a dream come true to see this thing come together.

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