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No large farm or sprawling ranch here. It's just our simple family with a simple home and a single, simple acre. But we're not letting that stop us from celebrating the art of living together and making beauty, right on our very own Artisan Acre.


Our home is at the end of a single street on the outskirts of a small, rural town in North Carolina. It's a tiny neighborhood of about 20 homes built just as many years ago. Flanked by a large hay field on one side and small, sprawling homes on the other, it's a "neighborhood” which harbors a surprising lake at the end of its typical, solitary street.

Though the large lots, sparkling lake, and even bald eagle that resides here, is indeed quite magical, the real magic lies in the people who call The Manor home. 

You see, we didn't move to this neighborhood because we had to have the lake view (as glorious as it is).

We moved to this very run down home no bigger than the home we already lived in and much worse for the wear, because we had to have the neighbors it came with.

One by one, my siblings and parents had bought and renovated simple houses on this street and made them their homes.

And when you have the chance to make a home again, with the people whom you adore and who once shared the same dinner table with you every night, you must take it. 

So, here we are. 
We've turned this basic 3 bedroom house into a charming home that fits a family of 7, loads of character, and as much company as we can manage

on a regular basis. 



We love a good house project around The Manor. Wether it's home decor, fueled by thrift finds or outbuildings inspired by hobbies, we're always up to something around here. 

Come on in!
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