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Ayam Cemani $15

Often referred to as the Lamborghini of poultry, this exotic entirely black bird is a stunning addition to any flock. As if their ebony feathers aren't striking and mysterious enough, they have black beaks, black eyes, black bones, and even black organs and meat. Shockingly, its eggs are NOT black. Instead, they lay a delicate light pink egg that contrasts the otherwise jet black trend. I like to think of having these chickens in my yard as a little like having a peacock strutting around my little old yard. They're striking, exotic, mysterious, soulful, and easy to admire. 

Crested Cream Legbars $20 PULLETS

Cream Legbars are widely known for their remarkably blue eggs. Their personality shows up in both their pleasant temperaments and their funky hairdos. They're a rare bird that came originally from Britain, and is also what we call "auto-sexing." This means that unlike many breeds which leave you guessing on the gender for months, Cream Legbars can be identified immediately upon hatching. Hens and Roos will have totally different markings. Between being, literally, a "funky chicken," and laying some of the most beautiful eggs on the acre, these rare chickens are worth considering for any backyard flock. All of the Cream Legbars on our Artisan Acre are named after country artists, including our favorite Legbar couple, Johnny & June.  ***Note: Because of the high demand for Crested Cream Legbar hens, I give my Roos away for free with any purchase

French Black Copper Marans $15

French Black Copper Marans captured my attention almost immediately upon researching rare chickens. Not only are they gorgeous to look at with their combination of copper, black, green, and red, but they are among only a few breeds that produce a dark chocolate brown egg. I'm not talking about your typical farmyard brown. I'm talking rick, dark, coppery gold. It really adds a remarkable contrast to your egg collection. I personally, find beauty reason enough to have these birds around, but if you're a more practical gal you may appreciate the rumor that their eggs are one of the richest tasting in the world. All of the Copper Marans on our Artisan Acre are named after our favorite french artists, namely our rooster Jean Val Jean from the book, Les Miserables. STRAIGHT RUN

Olive Egger PULLETS $20

Our Olive-Eggers are bred to lay a dark olive green egg. They are a cross of our French Black Copper Maran roosters (dark brown egg) and Crested Cream legbar hens (blue egg). Those will also be sex-linked, which means you can tell if they're pullets at hatch. **Roos given away for free.

Sage Eggers $10

Our Sage-Eggers are a cross of our Cream Legbar rooster and our tan egg layers around the farm. These are a mintier, sage green.STRAIGHT RUN

Easter Eggers $10

Our Easter Eggers will produce a variety of colored eggs including turquoise, blue, green, brown, and even pinkish eggs. They are a cross between a variety of our flock. STRAIGHT RUN

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