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Around The Manor, we see our chickens as living art. 
We also figure that if you're going to enjoy having some yard birds clucking around, they might as well be as striking as possible.  
Below, you will find the plan for our
2022 Breeding Season, including breeds unique to The Manor each year.


We work hard to protect the health of our birds, and yours. With that in mind, we go out of our way to vaccinate for Mareks, a fatal and common chicken disease. TO find out more, click here. Most small hatcheries do not offer this. It is high maintenance and an added cost to us, but we feel strongly that it's worth it, having experienced the devastating effects of Mareks firsthand. We also have our flock checked by the state every 6 months for common avian disease and are certified as NPIP & AI clean. This added measure also makes it possible for us to safely ship birds over state lines, getting our beautiful babies into the hands of more families! Please reach out if you have any questions!


Ayam Cemanis


The "Black Stallion" of birds, these jet black exotic birds are both stunning and rare. They have all black feathers with a glamorous, irredescnt, blue-green shimmer. Even their skin, met, and organs are black, but they lay a delicate pink egg. You won't find these guys at your local feed store or even most online hatcheries.

*All Cemani's are sold straight run.


Crested Cream Legbar

Crested Cream legbars lay a vibrant blue egg. One of the remarkable things about these birds is that the females and males can be differentiated immediately upon hatching (that's called "auto-sexing" in the chicken world). This means that you can be guarenteed a female chick from day 1, which is perfect if you're building a backyard flock of layers in  suburban area.

Because many folks are looking for females, I give free Legbar roosters away to anyone who is interested. This gives you the option of breeding in the future, and makes sure your flock has a gentleman protector. 


French Black Copper Maran

The French Black Copper Maran is so vibrant. Jean Val Jean is our gentlest rooster and acts like he doesn't know he's big, bold, and beautiful.

They lay an egg unlike any other with a rich coppery, mahogany tone. To say they lay a brown egg just wouldn't do it any justice.

They're unique, well-tempered and gorgeous.

*Straight Run  



The Manor Mixes 2021

The Manor's Olive Eggers are a cross between French Black Copper Marans & Crested Cream Legbars. Because one if these breeds lays a blue egg and the other, the richest, darkest brown of any breed, their offspring will lay a mossy, olive green egg. 


Also, because of the influence of the Crested Cream Legbar, our olive Eggers are "Sex-linked," making it possible for you to be guaranteed a *pullet. 
The Roos are FREE.


Olive Eggers

Sage Egger

Many people cross a tan egg layer with a blue egg layer and identify that as an "olive egger" but here @ The Manor,

we take our colors very seriously. 

We call the tan /blue egg cross a "Sage Egger." These are a softer, more delicate green. They are a mix of Crested Cream Legbar and Barred Rock or Wyandotte. 

*Sraight run 



Easter Egger

We also cross other fun  varieties around The Manor to combine as many colors as possible, including our Americaunas to make Easter eggers, which can lay a variety of bright colors.

*Straight Run


Moss Eggers

Our "Moss Eggers" are a cross of our French Black Copper Marans and first generation Olive Eggers, making an even darker, mossy green egg layer.

*Straight Run


Mood Eggers

We are cross-breeding our all-black Ayam Cemanis with our Americauna for a "fibromelanistic" cross, for the first time. These birds will be "easter eggers," meaning they can lay any variety of egg color (pink, blue, green, purple, tan...) but will have a unique appearance because of the all-black gene. Their feathers can be a variety of silver, cream, grey, or even blonde. Their beaks and legs are likely to be solid black.

*Straight Run



To order Chicks

  • Send an email to  including:

    • Name & phone number​

    • Breed & quantity desired

    • Any questions you may have

    • Follow up Email with payment instructions, along with answers to questions will be sent from me within 48 hours

    • Your name will be officially on the wait list when payment is received. Thank You!

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